Awakened & Abused- Why It’s Time To Leave

I’d like to discuss a serious topic for a moment. If this doesn’t apply to you then I thank God, If it does then I have already sent you a prayer.

I have noticed for quite some time that Awakened people, women & men both are often in abusive relationships or have been in abusive relationships. It’s almost as if it is a rite of passage to survive some form of abuse to become an Awakened person. Like the strength one gains from surviving it is needed for the coming events in your life.

Living with a controlling person, a narcissist, or any type of abusive person is bad enough but leaving can be much worse. As bad as they treat you, they just don’t want to let you go and it will often make leaving even harder than the staying ever was and you have to become stronger than ever to leave the situation.

Often these Victims don’t have to go through the part of their Awakening where they have to lose their friends and family because the Abuser has already ran everyone off. The Spiritual Depression doesn’t apply because life in general has been depressing for quite some time and the Spiritual Depression is actually better than what they were already dealing with because at least Spiritual Depression promises some kind of resolution and you are learning about true love.. loving yourself.

It’s actually sometimes a sign/symptom of an Awakening to have been in an abusive relationship if you look at most any list of signs that you are an: earth angel, light worker, empath, etc… and the thing is, the Spiritual Awakening is what sometimes gives you the strength to leave the situation.

Keep in mind that no Twin Flame relationship is ever physically abusive so don’t convince yourself that this is just part of the process because it’s not. Karmic Relationships can be physically abusive but never a true TF.

Karmic Relationships are not designed to last forever so don’t stay stuck in this trap!

You become an entirely different person

First you are changed because of the abuse then you are changed again because of the Awakening and in the end, after all is said and done you become the person that you were meant to be.

People on the outside who don’t know what is going on behind closed doors don’t know what to think and often the Abuser will make you out to be “crazy” when you Awaken because they are terrified of their true identity being exposed now that you have grown so much strength.

In the end they will do anything they can to look like the victim to friends, family, strangers, their new Victim who doesn’t realize yet that they have just become a Victim… but don’t let that fear of being ridiculed keep you from progressing down your path. You will know it in your heart when the lessons that you were meant to learn from this person are over and it’s time to move on.

Fear holds people back from leaving but then one day you will just wake up and you remember that Fear is your friend. Fear reminds you that you still have more living to do and Pain reminds you that you are still alive and you can use pain & fear to your advantage. You will remember that you want to really live again.

Breakups are quite common during the Awakening process for a reason, your spirit will remember that love is not supposed to hurt you and you are no longer willing to settle for less than you deserve.

If someone were treating your child as you are treated would you be happy? If not, rethink your situation because you are someone's child too.

Much Love & Healing,


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Certified Officiant & Minister, PhD, Therapy, Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Health & Wellness, Healer, Psychic Medium, & Product Reviewer, Author, Contributor to Alex Answers, Voice-over Work. Non-Married Wife, Mom of 3 & Grandma of 3. Chicken Farmer. I stay busy! lol I love teaching people about Life in the Human Body & Beyond. I have studied many years and lived through several experiences that qualify me as an Expert in my field. I write about a wide range of topics but prefer the topics of Trauma Recovery & Life Reset after a Spiritual Awakening. So so sooo much going on right now with the rebranding of my business, starting this whole new website, and course creation along with creating YouTube videos so it will be a while before I am accepting 1-1 Clients again. Right now I am trying something a bit different and just have too much going on to dedicate the time to a private Client. I will update when I am available & ready to start accepting applications again.

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