8 For-Sure Signs Your Pineal Gland Is Active & Ready To Use.

This one is really easy to tell because there are some pretty clear signs of an active Pineal Gland aka The Third Eye.

  1. Your forehead will tingle or you may feel pressure right in the center. The more activated it is, the more it will feel like the outline of a huge eye. It feels like a real physical thing when it becomes active.
  2. You might get headaches or sharp pains deep in your brain. This can be a bit of a worry when it’s new but it’s just those calcium deposits breaking up.
  3. Dreams become a whole new thing! They are intense and intuitive and will feel very real. At times it feels like you have this whole other life when you go to sleep.
  4. Your intuition gets very sharp and you just know things. The more you practice with this the sharper it gets. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself!
  5. You may crave natural foods & drinks. Many people just do not want junk foods anymore so they give them up easily & effortlessly.
  6. Nature becomes very soothing and you may see the sky or plants in a different light, the colors just look different to you with a functioning Pineal Gland.
  7. You may develop trouble sleeping, if this happens give Melatonin a try. Your Pineal Gland produces Melatonin and when it starts decalcifying you may start getting decreased levels naturally and you can take supplements for this temporary side effect.
  8. Your Intuition because very clear and you can see right through lies. When this happens you realize that everything you thought you knew was wrong. The more you work with your Intuition the more accurate it becomes.

If you think it might be active then it probably is but an active Pineal Gland is not the same thing as a functioning Pineal Gland. Once it activates then you can get it functioning and working properly over time. It sometimes happens quickly and sometimes it can take years, that depends on you and how ready you are.

Getting the Pineal Gland to become active is the easy part, you can accomplish that sometimes on demand, but it usually takes work to get it functioning. Tips, tricks, & shortcuts are a joke in my personal opinion but with the proper methods of training it’s really not hard to do and an active Pineal Gland does come with it’s own rewards because you don’t need a full blown Third Eye to develop psychic abilities you just need trust in yourself & your intuition.

I will be covering a lot on Psychic Abilities in future articles as I get them out on this new website. Keep an eye out for new articles daily!


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